Kakoune config
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Charles Gueunet 5e38e901e9 MD langage server 15 hours ago
extra i3 + selection in bar 2 years ago
snippets Snipetts add 3 months ago
.gitmodules Autoinit plug.kak without submodule 2 years ago
auto-pairs.kak kcr now include some plugins ... 1 year ago
cmake.kak ccmake restpect custom folder 2 weeks ago
git.kak Update git.kak to new x behavior 3 months ago
kakrc Sort buffer command 7 months ago
lint.kak Add JSON lint / format 2 months ago
mapping.kak J and K to select lines 3 months ago
next.kak Restructure config 2 years ago
plug.kak MD langage server 15 hours ago
quickmove.kak minor style 1 year ago
status.kak Unified line 3 days ago
style.kak commented light 6 months ago